Petplan is unbelievably awesome!

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I've owned dogs for 28 years and never had pet insurance. My last dog died in February and I spent over $3000 on hospital care and diagnostics. I adopted an adult dog from a shelter the end of March. He came microchipped and I received e-newsletters about pet health insurance so I checked reviews and selected Petplan the beginning of May and paid my quarterly premium. The end of June I thought my dog got something in his eye that would not flush out with water. I took him to vet and it turned out he had glaucoma (normal pressure is 10-20 and his was 51!) due to an infection inside the eye. There was no outward signs other than his blinking. Anyhow, he had to be admitted to pet hospital for intravenous medications and special eye drops, then follow up with vet ophthamolgist, lots of special expensive eye drops, antibiotics, and other lab work to determine cause of infection.
Petplan reimbursed me according to my plan selections within 2 weeks of the initial emergency visit(over $900!). More recently I submitted follow up claims for follow up appointments and more medications on Monday. These claims were approved and I received my check in the mail on Friday of the same week! This is better service than people health insurance!

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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