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In Feb. 2008, we brought home a Havanese pup. We bought our Petfirst insurance just after her first healthy-pup visit to the vet. Although that was not covered, expenses from many of her subsequent well-pup visits were--and you have to take a young pup to the vet A LOT!
I do want to clarify that our puppy seems to be super healthy and so at first, the $268. (I think) premium for the BASIC plan seemed a bit hefty. However, we have already re-couped $220. of that (the annual max for routine health care). This plan will even pay $75 toward dog training classes... yearly.

It was very easy to sign up over the phone. You do need to bring a blank form to the vets at the time of visit for the stamp and his/her signature, but you can put multiple items/visits on one claim form. We have submitted two claims thus far (routine care), and they were quickly processed. They even covered part of the flea/heartworm medication I bought on-line when I submitted my invoice/e-receipt. You do need to submit original receipts (make copies first) when sending in a claim.

So, now our puppy is 8 months old and we effectively have only paid $48 for a premium to cover accidents and illnesses--I hope we won't have any!

I have been recommending this company like crazy; we couldn't be happier.

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