I am so thankful to have VPI insurance

Out of 10

I have had VPI for slightly over 9 years on my cat. I have never had a problem with either the claim being processed rapidly and completely, or a denial for their payment on any claim that I have submitted. When I have called and spoke with their representatives, I have only had very good service, help, and been treated with respect. They have always been very good at answering my questions. I also can say that they have reimbursed easily for everything from my cat’s abdominal surgery, to having her teeth cleaned, or any of the health problems or accidents that she has ever had. I am very happy that I have VPI as her insurance, and find some of the complaints impossible to believe. My cat has had her share of health problems and accidents, so I know that they have processed her claims fairly, and the reimbursements have been very good. I always felt that she had much better health insurance than most humans did, and I would recommend VPI as a pet insurance to anyone.

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