Makes up pre-existing conditions to deny claims

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I started out getting more than I was paying premiums for. Not sure if they decided to screw me to stop that from continuing. But these 10/10 ratings I think must be fake! This company has no sense of good business ethics. My puppy is 2 years old now, I have had VPI since she was 6 months old. Because she had a slight cough notated on the vet's notes back when she was 6months old (5 days after my policy effective date) they now decided to deny my claim after my dog (pug) became sick recently with kennel cough and a urinary infection. Right after I filed the claim, about a week letter I get a letter saying we have found a pre-existing condition! What a load of crap... When asked if a dog take 1.5years for it to develop, they said they didn't know! DO NOT GET VPI - THIS COMPANY IS DISHONEST and if you ask for a supervisor - forget it they just re-state what the previous rep. said, not even sure if the company should even call them supervisors since they have no power to get things over-turned or correct or do anything that the regular reps. can do! DEFINATLY A BUYER BEWARE - DOI SHOULD BAN THEM FROM SELLING INSURANCE IN EVERY STATE!

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Posted: 08/30/2008

I am going through the same issue about pre-existing conditions. My dog had Kennel cough when I got him. I did not purchase the policy until later that month. Well, a couple of weeks later he was itching and coughing again, but this time it was from the food that I was given hime. He was have a allergic reaction. They stated that this was a pre-existing condition. I review claims and have been for over 12 years. I am not going to allow them to take my money and not pay my claim correctly. They have the wrong policy holder now! The vet stated before I had my claim that my dog had Kennel cough. My dog had a different dx when I submitted my claim. They also ADDED a prevision to my policy. How do you add prevision after the policy has been purchased. My dog policy is paid in full. They started out good, but now are showing me the side that people have been telling me about. I am very unhappy with them at this time.
Mad mommie from VA!