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My little dog Cole turned 6 in June and has been a happy healthy dog all his life. Cole has had the occasional ear infection but other than that no major health issues. Two years ago during a regular check-up at my Vet one of the vet-techs handed me a Petplan brochure and told me that if I wanted to get the best health coverage for Cole I should call Petplan. I did a little research online before I called and spoke with someone at Petplan later that week. WOW! Petplan was great! They helped me choose a plan with out being pushy or weasel-y. They helped me find a plan that (A) I could afford and (B) gave me coverage I felt comfortable with. The sales guy took about 30 mins to really explain (in simple terms) how the insurance worked and made sure I understood the difference between Petplan and the other companies. I have been with Petplan for over a year I am constantly impressed on how good their service is…..top notch service and friendly people who are pet owners like me that just want to make sure I’m doing everything I can for my dog. My best experience so far was when Cole’s Vet told me that Cole has something wrong with his patellas???? “bad knees” My vet explained that one of his knees was slipping out of place and that because of his breed and size, as Cole got older his knees, both of them!!!, might require surgery. Worried that it wouldn’t be covered I called Petplan that night and told them what my Vet told me. When I spoke with someone in the claims department she explained that it would be covered as long as I was insured before it was diagnosed. She asked me to tell my Vet to send over Cole records and BINGO within a week she got back to me. Turns out the knee problem would be covered if Cole ever needs to have an operation. Lucky for me my Vet doesn’t think the problem will require surgery. My second great experience with Petplan worth mentioning came only a few months ago. My renewal payment didn’t go through and a service rep called me and sent me email explaining that my last payment was rejected. At first I was shocked and embarrassed and I freaked out a little because I thought Cole wasn’t going to be covered. Later when I called Petplan back I spoke with Amy and she explained that this type of thing happens all the time. Amy reassured me that Cole was covered because his coverage was continuous and that I just needed to update the credit card being used to make my monthly payments. It was totally my fault for missing my monthly payment because when my credit card expired I didn’t think to update it with Petplan. Amy was great she added my new credit card info over the phone during my lunch break and that was that. A few weeks later when I called to ask questions about down grading my policy, to save money to afford things like gas and food, Amy again was great she emailed me quotes for a lower priced policy and even sent me a copy of the new terms and conditions. She helped me decide on a plan that that helped my money crunch. I even though I bombarded her with questions through email, Amy answered them all. I never would have thought that my dogs health insurance would be better than my own health insurance. All the Petplan reps I have dealt with have been so easy to work with, friendly and helpful. I didn’t know the first thing about pet insurance two years ago, and I’m confident I made the right decision. I’m so happy that I made the right choice and decided to get insurance for Cole through Petplan. My Vet loves them, some of my friends have switched to them, and I love them so much that I have told friends, neighbors and just about any one I see with a dog about them. I haven’t had to use my policy yet (knock on wood) but I know that if Cole ever needs that knee operation I can count on Amy and the rest of the Petplan team take care of me and Cole.

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