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Unlike most customer reviews that talk about cats and dogs, I purchased policies for 2 rabbits a few months ago. I was renewing a policy for my cat and learned about VPI policies for exotic pets - - yes, rabbits are considered exotic because only certain veterinary practices will treat them. Rabbits are delicate creatures and are prone to chronic diseases which over time, if not diagnosed and treated properly, will claim their lives. My younger rabbit, now 7, required testing and treatment for chronic upper respiratoy infection. While the cost of the antibiotics is modest, the testing the animal undergoes to insure the body can tolerate pencillin and other antibiotics, cost approximately $300.00. VPI asked to review the rabbit's history and visits to the vet over the past 14 months to make sure the animal had been seen for regular maintenance check-ups. VPI paid in a month according to the schedule that sets forth a $50 deductible and the a payment of 90%.

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Upper respiratory infection
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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