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We have had VPI for the 2-1/2 years that we have had our oldest dog and just recently enrolled our new puppy for coverage. I have talked with so many people who have different opinions of insurance coverage for pets - some responses I feel are just based on ignorance or the fact that they do not properly vet their own animals and do not understand of concept of preventative vet care. Would you not purchase Cobra coverage for you and your family if you were suddenly without a job or were switching to a new job that had a waiting period? Your pet is no different. What would you do if he/she were hit by a car or attacked by an animal? Could you afford the surgery needed to make your beloved pet better? That's what insurance is's there IN CASE you need it! We purchased the CareGuard Core coverage for our pets in addition to the Standard Coverage for accidents and illnesses. VPI is only one of a few insurers that covers Well Care - they pay a portion of the vet visit, annual immunizations, flea/heartworm meds, fecal testing etc if you pay a small amount more per month for the well care option. The pay out is higher than the premium paid annually for the coverage...a no brainer in my book. I agree with the other reviews that I have only disappointment with VPI is the fact that they use an old and outdated fee schedule for vetinary care. HOWEVER - I knew what the fee schedule stated before I signed up for the coverage. In my opinion, the rates are

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$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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