Tom and Ollie

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At one time my wife and I had two guys insured with Petshealth Care Plan Insurance. We lost Thomas about two years ago, but Oliver is still insured. Ollie doesn't seem to have the problems that Tom did, but as a soon-to-be nine-year-old standard poodle, he has his share of maladies, the current one being an extremely sensitive stomach.
As an insurance agent (property and casualty), I appreciate good claims service. While we purchased pet insurance primarily as catastrophe coverage (Tom needed $4,500 worth of surgery once), we have availed ourselves of the coverage offered by Ollie's plan.

We're not always in the black, which is okay, but we always receive claims payments in a timely manner, adjusted fairly and accurately. This year, Ollie's claims have more than offset the premiums we have paid.

If you care about your pets, as we do, having pet insurance is a surefire way of making sure you can always afford to do the right thing.

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Posted: 04/25/2011

I also have a dog with a sensitive stomach lilman his visits can be very costly. I recommand pet owners to invest in pet insurance. I am please with ASPCA they have serval ones to choose from, it is important you get one that will fit your animal needs.