Terrible Customer Service. Slow Claims Processing

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I submitted the same claim 3 times to Trupanion. First by regular US mail. I never heard back. When I called to check, they had no record of the claim. Second time, the claim was faxed by the vet. Still no word. I called again and once again Trupanion claimed they never received it. The vet faxed it for the 3rd time and I finally received an e-mail that the claim was under review.
It took a total of 9 months to get them to review the claim. Half way through the process, we stopped paying our premium because of the poor service. We honestly felt like we had been duped.

When I finally heard back after the 3rd submission, they claimed they could not process it because we had not paid our premiums for the last few months, even though the INCIDENT HAD OCCURRED WHEN OUR PREMIUMS WERE UP TO DATE.

I am still haggling with them over this.


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Posted: 02/11/2010

I found Trupanion to be the best Pet insurance out there. They pay 90% of the ACTUAL claim, not what they think is a reasonable rate. You cant find a better insurance for your beloved pet.

Posted: 02/17/2010

I've had other pet insurance and I can tell you without a doubt that Trupanion is the best. Trupanion processed our claims expeditiously by caring compassionate claims adjusters.

Posted: 01/14/2010

No offense, but you are a moron. Insurance is based on an TERM PREMIUM for a full periods worth of coverage (in your case, probably one year, or an annual renewal policy). You are buying the right to coverage for any claims which arise during the covered period. The insurance company hedges it bets by collecting payment for the full term up front.

If you fail to pay your premium, the Company doesn't have to cover any claims made during the Term. This is elementary. Otherwise, wahts to stop some sleaze bag from doing what you did - paying for insurance for a month, then dropping coverage after their first claim.

Posted: 01/18/2010

At Trupanion, we process claims as promptly as possible once all information has been received. We apologize for this miscommunication and the issue encountered in submitting information. Trupanion will pay a claim so long as when the incident occurred all premiums are paid current, as they were in this case. With Trupanion insurance, policyholders also have the option of adding a per-incident deductible option to their policy. In the example mentioned here, the claim was ultimately approved but the reimbursement amount was within the deductible, so no payment was made. Trupanion is currently the only company offering a $0 deductible option, which allows for 90% reimbursement on every approved claim.

Posted: 01/24/2010

That's all I needed to know.