Disappointed with PetPlan Insurance

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I have had problems with customer service ever since getting the policy for my cat. One customer service rep kept cutting me off while I tried to tell her that the Explanation of Benefits paid was incorrect. Another time a rep hung up on me. Now they keep saying they need medical records even though I have faxed complete medical records twice. My vet provides excellent notes, which I have twice faxed. I am at my wit's end with this company.

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extreme pain
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 05/18/2011

Sorry,,i have NEVER had a problem with the customer service here..every single person i have ever dealt with not only has been helpful and kind but has followed up with me immediately if they needed to.

Posted: 05/19/2011

I do not understand why she is having a problem. I have had nothing but helpful, curtious customer service reps, every time I have calld. My claims were paid within a week. I could not be more satisfied with PetPlan.

Posted: 05/23/2011

I am experiencing this as well with them. Maybe you and I both got the same curt customer service rep!
I also had to fax my cat's records and Dr.'s notes to them numerous times with them telling me the records were incomplete.

I am also unable to even view the status of my claim online and have to constantly call.

Posted: 05/26/2011

Dear Disappointed in Pet Plan & Donna: Have you asked to talk to the manager; have your issues been resolved. We are adopting a puppy this weekend (that has been in foster care for a month after he & his sibling were found dumped on a dirt road). We never had pet insurance, but after another stray we adopted and had only 8 months when she died of advanced lung cancer (her treatment wiped out a significant portion of our savings), we vowed to get pet insurance with the next member of the family. Our choices are down to Healthy Paws or Pet Plan after several weeks of research.