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I had coverage from Petcare since 2001. I paid all the premiums on time, did not complain about any increases. After my dog turned 14 in Dec 2010 she displayed some symptoms which were diagnosed as Pneumonia at an emergency clinic. The bills came out to approx $ 2100. No it was not covered because the policy did not cover this, eventhough there is coverage for infectious diseases, this did not qualify. She got the same symptomps again but the regular vet diagnosed it as a slipped/herniated disc. However this bill for another $ 800 was not covered either, since the Quick care plus plan that I had did not cover musculo-skeletal. After a few months of battling this crippling condition, which was treated with different treatments and medication, we had to put her down at the end of May 2011.
PetCare said they'll cover $ 100 for Euthanasia (the Euthanasia bill was acutally $ 400).

My suggestion to people considering pet insurance for young dogs, open a savings/investment account and use it when you come accross emergencies.

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