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My dog was diagnosed with kidney dysplasia. I found this out because she had a really bad UTI. She also had a "hooded vulva" which meant that the urine would pool around her vulva which is a breeding ground for bacteria. Based on the severity of her UTI the vet wanted an ultrasound of her kidneys. The kidneys US revealed dysplastic kidneys (mal-formed). The infection caused her to lose 75% of her kidney function (she was only 2 at the time). I submitted my claims to VPI and they denied them because the hooded vulva was the main problem and since that it the case it is a cosmetic issue therefore VPI was not responsible for it or any other complications related to it. Pretty wild, huh? Needless to say my dog is now approaching 4 years old and last year they found cataracts on her. I submitted that and they denied that too because she is under the age of 7 and that is considered juvinille cataracts and therefore it is not covered. This is a horrible insurance company and I would steer away from them.

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