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Over the years I have had VPI Pet Insurance for my three siberian huskies. Have always had positive experiences with customer service. They are friendly, helpful and take the time to assist when needed. I like being able to personalize my pet's coverage. I appreciate the convenience of being able to make automatic monthly payments. I would not be without the cancer rider. A little over a year ago, I received what I thought was a low reimbursement for cancer surgery for my older dog. The reimbursement form noted that with more information from the vet or lab, perhaps more benefits could be paid. I submitted lab work results and received an additional benefit payment. Sometimes I have felt that the payment schedule could be adjusted for the higher prices that veterinarians are now charging. But overall, I have been pleased with the coverage. Whenever I have questioned payments, VPI has been more than willing to review my claim. In some instances, more benefits were received. Although he did very well for a year, unfortunately, our beloved sibe passed away two weeks before Christmas. After submitting his final claim, VPI took care of cancelling his policy and automatically reimbursing my account for premiums due me. I never had to call and request that they do this. It is so nice to have a company take the burden off the shoulders of the consumer without a lot of red tape. I have just added a new six month old sibe to our family and he too is now covered by VPI. I appreciate their staff and the wonderful way I have been treated. Thank you!

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