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First things first - I knew upon signing my pets up that they were not going to get chronic care or long term illness coverage. I have all 6 of my pets on the Preferred plan, and they receive routine care coverage.
I have only had to use the routine care coverage, as my pets have always been generally healthy, and have not had any illnesses since I got them signed up for the insurance. That been said, I have submitted each and every vet receipt and doggy class receipt I've gotten - and all have been reimbursed without question. The first claims I submitted I will admit were processed and reimbursed quicker than some of the more recent ones, but I've always received my reimbursement within a couple of weeks. They've always been very nice on the phone and helpful.

There are only two things I would change. The first is their coverage of dental cleanings. Currently to have one of my cat's teeth cleaned it will cost me upwards of $400. They will reimburse me only $75 for this. My pets have never previously needed their teeth cleaned, but one dog and one cat are getting a little older, and are getting closer to needing it. Their coverage is much better for everything else - I can put each of my dogs through 1-2 obedience or agility courses for their reimbursable amount, get them all of their vaccinations, and have their exam - all under their reimbursable amounts. But the teeth cleaning will still leave me covering the majority of the bill.

The other thing is their Hereditary/Chronic/Congenital Riders. They don't offer them in my state, and they are very expensive. It would effectively double my current pet insurance premiums to have my pets covered for this. My pets are all mixed breeds, and are less likely to come down with hereditary or congenital problems than many purebred pets. But I would still like for them to be covered if they were to come down with something like Diabetes, or cancer, or some of the kidney problems that can plague older pets for the rest of their lives.

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