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My 5yr old greyhound suffered from a negative reaction to the vaccine for leptospirosis. He required 5 days in ICU at the cost of over $5000. Due to his age and the fact that I had VPI pet insurance, I told the clinic to do everything to save him. Sadly he had to be euthanized on day 6 from massive internal bleeding. After suffering this trauma I found out that VPI only paid $400 for the diagnosis that caused all this expensive treatment in ICU. I had to get the doctor to send information to them and ask that they do the right thing as that was totally ridiculous. Final claim settlement was only $2000. I wanted pet insurance just so I could make the decision to save my dog no matter the cost and now I learned that VPI is NOT there when you need them most. Do NOT get insurance through them.

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Posted: 06/10/2010

This is not unusual for VPI. They have been in business long enough to know EXACTLY what NOT to cover. Their fee schedule is so low that you barely get anything back compared to the balance due. There are many other fine pet insurances out there...choose wisely.

Posted: 06/17/2010

I am sorry that you ran into this. I had my own issue with them. I had purchases Pet Insurance from VPI for the exact same reason, so I can make a decision based on the quality of my dogs life verse financial. I found out on a small claim that VPI uses the Customer Fee schedule that is so small compared to true costs. For me, mine was a small amount, but it got me looking at other stuff when I realized the "$9,500" of coverage was not worth the piece of paper it was printed on.