It coverd 90% of my claim

Out of 10

It coverd 90% of my claim. My total bill is Over 10,400.91$ before tax is 9905.62$.
And "Trupanion" covered 90% of my claim that's 7,880.36$ of 9,905.62$ as they promised in the contract.

My dog Walter have not sick over 6 years till a couple weeks ago.
He had a pale gum + blood throw up + weird snoring sound then I went to "Vancouver Animal Emergency" which is near by where I live and they referred me "Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital" and they few test and found out that there is a mass under Walter's tongue.

The removing mass surgery went well and Walter has been recovering quickly.
Total bill was over 10,400.91$ and It took 2 weeks to get claim processing. I heard that its my first time claim
so takes longer then usual which make sense. I called a person in Trupanion and talked with someone name Sara and she was super nice and friendly and emailed me claim form in Advance and answered all my questions. then I submit a couple of papers works in online.
One thing I notice that I would be faster If I talked my vets and ask them to get all the paper works to Trupanion. I think it depends on how fast vets send info to Trupanon so that they can processing the claim faster.

Anyway, I am happy and I am highly recommend this place for all dog owners.

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