Coverage hasn't started after almost one year of paying!

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Very very poor customer service. We have been paying monthly premiums for close to a year but none of the claims haven't been processed and no refund hasn't been made. I called them numerous times to find out what is going on. Each time, different representative tells me underwriting is not completed as the my vets haven't sent them my dog's medical record. So I told them to contact my vets to do so and they said they would. A couple months later, nothing happened so I called again and same conversation happened. Or some said totally different things. One said she would CC me in the Email to the vets. Ive never received any Email. One said she would followed up with me in a couple days, I never got a call back. I also had to call my vet to tell them to complete the process and they said they did. Finally, I spoked to a reliable staff at my Vet who really felt bad about my situation and helped me to find out what was going on. She called Petsecure and they said the medical record they recieved from my Vet was imcomplete as their Fax machine had issue! Why didn't they follow up with my Vet? Basically, they left it as is. They were gonna leave it as long as who knows..It is very unprofessional. Is it customer's responsibility to call vets and insurance company back and forth to figure out and complete the underwriting process? On the other hand, they never forgot to call me to give them my new credit card number when I renewed my credit card. I guess its not their best interest to start the coverage for my dog while im paying the monthly premiums every month. As of today, my dog's coverage hasn't started after paying for almost a year!

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