Best pet insurance i could have found!

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I have had Healthy Paws for about 5 years now. I got the insurance on a whim after getting a Dachshund (Frankie) from a friend who needed a home. He was about 1 year old or so. A few months after getting the insurance I had to take Frank to the vet because he was choking a lot. After blood work, tests and xrays we found out Frank had Congestive heart failure and an enlarged heart. He would need to be on meds daily forever. He also started having some allergy issues. Basically a little problem child of ours. His medication and tests was covered by healthy paws by 90% !! They are literally a life saver. I could never be able to afford the hundreds of dollars a month for the 4 seperate medications he needs daily. The vet even tells everyone Frankies story. Healthy Paws is amazing. They cover the health problems Frank has now and may have in the future.

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