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We've had VPI on our Labrador since about 2004. During this time, we've paid approximately $2038 in premiums and received $7657 in benefits out of $13,534 total bills submitted. We're clearly ahead in terms of pure cost. The two big hits were a laminectomy, and an ACL tear. We agree with some of the comments that the fee schedule for big items like these is probably not what it should be but we have still come out ahead. The laminectomy was reimbursed at about 56% of total charges (MRI followed a few weeks later by surgery)and the ACL was reimbursed at about 49% of total cost. If these big items had a higher fee schedule, our cost/benefit would be even greater and our rating higher. A recent bowel obstruction surgery was covered to about 76% of total cost. Customer service has been outstanding. We speak to real humans when we call with questions, and our queries have always been addressed promptly and correctly. We have submitted a few bills very late (due to our own errors) and VPI has always accepted these claims and processed/paid appropriately. Overall, we are glad we got the insurance and would do so again.

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