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I was unaware they would not cover root canal and removal of two teeth for my coton, as they do no dental. It cost me $1600. Root canals are not cheap and many dogs tend to have dental problems. Stats on this are high by about 3 years. My dog broke a tooth chewing. There are only 4 vet dentists in Illinois and 80 in the US, so it is quite expensive.

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Posted: 08/20/2008

nk,So you don't read your policies when you buy insurance? I'm not in insurance (I'm an RN) but it seems to me pet insurance would NOT cover dental. My PPO doesn't cover it either. The fault is yours buddy. You are the one who signed on the dotted line..."buyer beware".
On a different note, I love my coton too. Great breed!!

Posted: 03/04/2009

April, I have been reviewing pet insurance policies all day and it is VERY difficult to "read your policy" before you buy it when they don't post it for you to read!