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We have two dogs, our oldest is a purebreed and has had many insurance claims from health, to accidents occurring by being exuberant. Vetinsurance has paid for everything that is covered by our policy with no issues. Our little guy is a mixed breed and has only had a few claims, again with no payment or coverage issues, but as is the gamble with insurance, for him it would have probably been more financially viable to just put aside that money for the policy every month into a savings account and use that money to pay vet bills instead of the policy. On the whole for a family with traditional but liberal values, Vetinsurance covers pretty much everything except for routine care, the Vet's exam fee and I believe 10% of the bill. As with ANY insurance policy make sure you read every single boring page (Vetinsurance offers a reward if your dog goes missing! That I would not have known.) to make sure it is the best policy for your pet.

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