Completely satisfied with my dog's policy.

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I have a 7 year old black lab retriever. When she was a pupply (approx. 6 month's old) I asked her Vet about suggesting a company that provided Pet Insurance. He recommended VPI. I took the information and called and enrolled my dog for pet insurance. I was, from the start and continue to be, totally pleased with this company and recommend VPI to everyone I know who has a pet, whether feline or canine. My first pet was a beautiful white cat that lived for 16 years. I didn't have a policy for him and honestly didn't every know that they existed. The last couple years of Taffy's life were sickly and of course I spent whatever I had to to ensure that he got the best possible care. Unfortunately, he passed away and the money spent during this time period was exorbitant. I would do it again in a heart beat, but I vowed if ever I got another pet, I would make sure that I purchased a policy for her/him so that in the event of a malady, the pet would be treated and I would also be able to do so at some reduction of expenses. As I previously said, I am totally thrilled with VPI and although I do have to pay out of pocket for a lot of the services that Start Lite receives, when she has an illness or even routine vacinnations and exams, this policy is an enourmous financial help with reimbursements for issues that I have coverage in the policy. In addition, whenever I have to call to speak to a representative, I am treated with the utmost respect and understanding of whatever the issue is that I am calling about. I highly recommend this company to any one who takes a pet into their home. It more than pays for itself in knowing the you have peace of mind in the unknown and possibility of an unfortunate illness or condition.

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