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I can’t say how lucky I am to have Trupanion. I was always wary of pet insurance. When I was growing up, the vet warned my mom against it for our house full of pets so we never looked into it but when I got my own pets, the vets urged me to reconsider. It’s been lifesaving for them and for me. Unlike every other kind of insurance I’ve dealt with (both personally and as an attorney) Trupanion is efficient, easy to use, incredibly low in cost, and most importantly, has quite literally saved the lives of every single one of my cats multiple times, no questions asked. More importantly, when two of them were extremely ill, staff contacted me just to ask how they were doing and when one of them passed away, they sent a condolence card. There is no way I could have afforded the proper care for these cats on my own and knowing that Trupanion had my back has made it easier to make the right choices for their health.

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