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I have had VPI for 3 years now and they have been nothing nothing but professional and honest. They are very upfront and tell you that it does not cover Heretory, congential or pre-existing conditions ( like any insurance company). It seems that most of the people upset with the policy are upset because they want a condition covered that is pre-existing. Or they expect 100% reimbursement, which if they had any business sense, would know that is not realistic. My dog broke it's leg a year ago and it cost me just over $2000 to have that taken care of. I got back just below $1700.00. My sister's puppy had bone cancer and her bill was $1300.00 and it covered $1100.00. They have a set amount which they cover for each condition and still covers much of your bill. These complainers are so funny. They think that they should pay $300 to $400 dollars a year for a policy and get 100% re-inbursent for all their shots and medical bills. So if they have $10,000 a year in medical bills they want it all covered. Or they want pre-existing conditions covered. Which anyone who has brains, know that is not possible. If you were driving your car and got into an accident and did not have insurance, and then that night you called State Farm to cover that accident, what would they tell you? VPI has been around for about 25 years while many pet insurance companies have failed. They must be doing something right

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