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VPI denies claim. "Curly", who is a 13 year old pug, was diagnosed with a collapsing trachea in 2001. I have been advised that this condition is not life threatening. However, in June of this year Curly became gravely ill with a respiratory infection and the resulting veterinary bills topped $3,000. On top of that, there is ongoing medication for chronic bronchitis that costs me over $100 per month. I have had Curly insured for a number of years and VPI rejected the initial claim as well as my appeal. Among the vets I took her too was one Dr. Philip Padrid of Chicago who is a world renowned respiratory expert. His considered opinion was possible aspirational pneumonia. Whatever the case, the anti biotics he prescribed promptly solved the problem. Two additional...though not as serious...flare-ups occurred in August and October. Again, both of these exacerbations were cleared with Dr. Padrid's prescribed anti-biotics. I am happy to report that Curly is just fine at this writing. VPI contends Curly's problems are related to the collapsing trachea which in turn they consider congenital and therefore not covered. I contend that any dog can have pneumonia/respiratory infections and therefore it is the insurance company's dereliction of contract to reject coverage. The proof of infection lies in the fact that the appropriate antibiotics resolved each occurrence. I have documentation for each step of this process but in exasperation I gave up further pursuit. At this time. Does anybody know any reasonable lawyers who would handle a lawsuit over this?

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Posted: 02/06/2009

Good luck trying to sue VPI, you don't have a leg to stand many dogs without this defect have YOU known to get bronchitis/pneumonia? Be grateful that your Vet was able to aid your pet with simple antibiotics and move on.