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I have never had so much trouble submitting a claim and getting payment - not even with our Human health insurance. We submitted a claim for an injury for our 4 month old puppy, and it was denied because they said it was a sickness, not an injury. We went back to our vet, and she said it was indeed an injury, and submitted the claim for us again outlining that it was an injury. The claim was denied again, stating that it must have been a "pre-existing condition" becuase it was filed only about a week after our puppy was covered. We had applied and gotten coverage for our puppy as soon as we got him. We were so glad we had done it so quickly when he hurt his arm, and took him in thinking we would be taken care of by the insurance we were paying for. Now, here we are, 3 months later, $200 in premiums and $250 in vet bills and they are still refusing to cover the claim. We would be better off if we had just budgeted the money we were paying for insurance premiums, and now were out over double that. These people are nothing but a bunch of crooks!

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