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I took out my policy 9 years ago and have had small claims here and there with no problem. Back then I reviewed the benefits schedule and it was ok so I took out the policy. Today they have the SAME schedule yet vet costs have skyrocketed. My dog had 4 lumps removed 2 of which were cancerous. VPI prorated the costs and out of my 2400 bill I only received 600. The problem now is that if I wanted to change insurance companys he will no longer be covered for the cancer. Therefore I was forced to stay with them. Now my dog had a heart condition and the condition max is around 300. 300 does not go very far when it comes to emergency visits, specialist consults and a all the different testing. I too love my pet and wanted him to have the best coverage possible. After reviewing the newer companies out there it appears VPI is Quite possibly the worst. I will be writing the California Department of Insurance and the BBB because they STILL advertise 90% coverage. This is extremely misleading if you have never had a seroius problem with your pet and are not aware of what things cost these days. PLEASE take the time to write letters to assist the agencies make VPI change their business practices

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