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I've had pet insurance on my 4 dogs for only a little overa year, and so, I had very little experience with any
of the pet insurance companies. 3 of my dogs are
relatively young (1,2, and 5), but my 4th dog is 13
years old. Because of that, I had trouble finding
a company that would insure her (besides basic accident
coverage) but PetsHealthPlan said that they would, and,
so, initially, I was ecstatic. They requested her
medical records, reviewed them, and then, noted one
pre-existing condition -- hypothyriodism -- which is
quite treatable and just requires my dog to be on
medication for the rest of her life. Other than that,
she was in perfect health.

Well, within 2 months of obtaining the insurance,
this dog came down with gastroenteritis -- a $108 vet
bill, and of that, $91 was applied to my $100 deductible.
So far, I was impressed with Pets Health...but also note
that they had NOT paid out anything yet, but they were
taking my $50 a month premium.

Then, a month ago she started coughing, and after
doing bloodwork and an x-ray, the vet finally diagnosed
her with inhalant allergies -- a $300 vet bill. I
submitted a claim and it was denied saying that allergies
can result from hypothyriodism, and so it was a result
of a pre-existing condition. I told my vet about this,
and she said NO, skin allergies can result from
hypothyriodism NOT inhalant allergies. So, now I am
appealing it and they are saying "they are looking into

Finally, about 2 weeks ago, my dog fell and slipped
a disc in her back. She had a $2500 back surgery
yesterday, but PetsHealth is telling me that it won't
be covered because back injuries(IVDD) are common for
her breed. The surgeon says that he doubts it is IVDD
-- she just simply hurt her back when she fell, which
should be classified as an injury. PetsHealth says
it doesn't matter -- her breed is prone to back injuries,
and it's not covered.

I am very upset with this company now. I see how they
lure clients in, though, and it is very deceiving. Their
biggest point of advertisement is the fact that their plans
cover "wellness care" -- routine vaccinations, heartworm
tests, dental cleanings, etc. The problem with that is
that those things are relatively cheap -- maybe $150 - $200
per year. Most people get pet insurance to have peace of
mind that the MAJOR things will be covered -- not just the
$150 routine, annual exam.

In addition, when I called to see if my dog's back
surgery was covered, as soon as I told the customer
service representative how much the procedure was going to
cost, he became very rude and attempted to end the phone
call as quickly as possible.

In my opinion, this company is just one big scam.
Their premiums are ALOT higher than the competitors, and
they won't pay for a single thing once it gets past your

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