A waste of time and money.

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I decided to get pet insurance because one of my cats seemed to have quite a few weird illnesses since we adopted her. It was nothing chronic just random things. Shortly after I bought my policy she had some respiratory problems. She needed x-rays and some other test and the visit quite expensive. I submitted a claim along with her medical records that the vet faxed in and it took them over a month to send me a letter saying "medical records are incomplete". So I emailed them to find out what was going on and they said they never received them even though the vet faxed them in. So I retrieved my own copies of her medical records and mailed them. In the mean time she broke her toe, which meant a trip to the emergency center and that was also quite expensive. A couple months after submitting that second claim and all the medical records I got two letters in the mail. One said the first claim was denied because it occurred before coverage was active (which is wrong). And the second claim said it was denied because medical records were incomplete. It has been a few months and I decided to call and find out about that second claim because it really should be covered. So I called and at first they said it was because they needed medical records then they put me on hold and came back and said "It looks like we did review your records we just didn't mail you out the response, I'll do that now". So I've been sitting here for how many months wondering why I never got paid and it's all because they forgot to send out a letter. The first claim was from April 07, the second claim was from August 07 and I still haven't received a dime from either one. I have now switched to Embrace and although I haven't had to submit a claim yet from what I can tell they are going to be 100x better than VPI!!

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