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The only way to come out ahead with Embrace is to have a compete understanding of the policy play their game. We had our 8 week old puppy cleared on the ortho exam during the 2 week initial waiting period so we thought we had a healthy perfect puppy and that we were covered. 2 week before the 6 month waiting period for ortho injuries was completed my puppy hurt her knee. We should have waited to get her looked at. They denied the claim saying the ortho exam was done during the waiting period and because of that we had to wait 6 months. We acted in good faith, they did not. If she needs surgery down the road, it won't be covered. Good luck if you pet gets hurt or sick. I am sure they will figure out how not to cover it.

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Posted: 04/07/2010

It shouldn't matter if the waiver was done on 8/11 and not in the two week waiting period it was done only 10 days prior to purchasing policy. You can consider anything a pre-existing condition and it sounds like that's what most of these policies DO!!

Posted: 03/03/2010

Just to clarify, the orthopedic waiver examination (8/11/09) was done before the policy was purchased (8/21/09), not in the two week waiting period and therefore we could not accept it. Unfortunately, we did not receive the orthopedic report card the veterinarian fills out until after the claim was submitted on 1/30/10 so we did not have the opportunity to discuss the orthopedic waiting period before the claim occured.