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I have had VPI since 1982, mostly for the piece of mind,in case of an emergency. I have covered a total of 7 pets with 4 being coverd now. Max, a standard Dachshund was diagnosed with Hemangio Sarcoma on the right atria of his heart in September 2008. Prognosis was no more than 90 days to live. However I did have the cancer rider on his VPI policy. He underwent 26 weeks of chemotherapy, the cost was high, however havingthe cancer rider helped reduce the financial burden on my family. The chemo helped him outlive his prognosis by 3 months and 8 days. Without VPI insurance, we may have not been able to give him the care he deserved. I have read some reviews , complaining about the coverage that VPI gives, however my own health insurance does not cover the amounts that I think it should either. I do not ever want to be put in the situation where I have to make the decision of euthanizing my pet because I can not afford it. To me VPI gives me the confidence that it will not come to that. We miss Max deeply, however because of the insurance coverage he was with us a bit longer than we thought he would be.

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