Thank the heavens for pet insurance

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I have two bulldogs....alright I know already a recipe for huge vet bills. I love my dogs but who would have known that with two torn ACL's (one dog each leg, a year apart), a stomach full of stucco from a hole in the wall and pneumonia that I have spent more on vet bills than I have on actuallly purchasing the little critters. I never ask the vet how much I just tell them to fix my boys. VPI has saved my life over and over and over. They refund approximately 85% and they refund for EVERYTHING. I get checks in the mail for immunizations, flea medication etc. If nothing ever happenms to my dogs again I will gladly pay their insurance plan until they die. It is definately worth it, without VPI I would have spent well over $8000 with no money returned to me just for the above listed emergencies. I love my bullies and I will continue to have bullies in my life and have them insured by VPI.

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