Where do u s a vet that except direct pay.habe insurance can't use or save ur pet ridiculous

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I have plenty of insurance and I also have found plenty of insurance that does direct pay but I can't find it at that accept direct pay so what he supposed to do have your animal die when they can get payment and probably 2 to 4 days if that long. But they'd rather have the animal die cuz you don't have the money up front to pay why are you paying for insurance then the does direct pay it's ridiculous somebody get me some information on vets anywhere I don't care I will drive to them that accept direct pay that's good that takes care of cats holistic medical the whole shebang the surgery has critical Care no matter what happens they take can take care of it that's kind of insurance I got that's kind of bad I need and I have that kind of it but they won't accept direct insurance pay so it's ridiculous they're supposed to be there to help the animals and they're not. And it's not cheap the insurance but it's damn sure worth it but not if you can't use it and you had to put your animal down because you don't have 500 to 3000 whatever cost to do whatever their animal needs that's not right. Someone please help. And tell me some veterinarians I'll drive wherever I need to that accept direct pay the insurance I would recommend but not if you can't find anybody to take direct pay what are you going to do?

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