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Last Aug. '09, we bought Davy, a yorkie terrier, from some friends who breed yorkies. Because this was our first time to "buy"a dog, and this was our first time to own a small dog, we definitely wanted to get pet insurance for him. Since we had also adopted Roxy, a larger mix dog from the local shelter, we got her covered as well since she was only a year old.
We had owned a different pet insurance with our first dog, Ozzy, and it definitely was worth our monthly premiums! However, when we compared costs and benefits among several plans, we decided to go with PetPlan.

I was a bit nervous because it was an unfamiliar company, but our recent need of it totally eased all worries!

About 2 weeks ago, our yorkie swallowed a large piece of a toy, requiring us to go to the ER vet after hours, and then our regular vet, and finally a surgical hospital vet open 24/7.

Like most plans, you pay up front and then submit your receipts and paperwork for reimbursement. Since we were dealing with 3 different vets, it took some doing to get it all together, but PetPlan's "checklist" was a big help in keeping me organized.

Throughout the whole process, PetPlan's customer service e-mailed me regularly, even asking how Davy was doing (a total surprise), and keeping me appraised as to what I still needed to turn in, etc.

As soon as I had all the right paperwork in, they sent me a confirmation e-mail and let me know when my submission was being reviewed, when it got approved, and

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