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My dog was diagnosed with mast cell cancer. The ASPCA was good about paying half the cost of her treatment for the first year I had them, but after that they considered the cancer a pre-existing condition and paid nothing more. They explained that their insurance is renewed annually, so anything my dog had the previous insurance year was pre-existing the second insurance year. This was really outrageous to me but there was nothing I knew to do. They were very nice when they rejected my claims. I don't know if I would recommend this company to other pet owners - I think I would as long as they understood and were willing to accept this issue. Perhaps ASPCA has a cancer rider?

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Posted: 01/20/2009

VPI is the only company that doesn't do this -- at least as far as I know. I posted a long comment in response to one on the VPI thread by someone who said that VPI was worth it especially if you bought the cancer rider, and I strongly agreed. VPI does have maximum payouts per year/per illness (I think all companies do), but I'm pretty sure each year is a "clean slate", or at least that's how it seemed to work for my dog who also had mast cell cancer. She was able to live with it for six years after she was diagnosed, because VPI covered all needle aspirations of tumors as we discovered them (to see whether they were benign or needed removing), and then covered the majority of the cost of the surgeries -- four in all over the six years.
Also, my golden retriever (the one who had mast cell disease) saw a holistic vet and they had no problem covering those bills either. True, she also had a regular veterinary degree from UPenn, but some of her procedures/treatments were a bit different, and VPI never denied any of them.

Posted: 03/06/2009

I have read your customers views and it seems to me that you don't always follow thru with what we pay for and what you promise.