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I just got my policy. They fail to tell you that specialist care has a 30%co-insurance. No where on web site. The sales information strongly implies you pick your deductable, then your co-pay. If you chose a 10% co-pay it does not apply to specialist care

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Posted: 01/12/2009

Just a note - it is listed on the website that specialist care has a 30% co-insurance. It isn't clearly displayed, but I did see it.

Posted: 01/12/2009

When I called to purchase insurance policies for both of my dogs, PetPlan definitely did tell me, up front, about the 30% co-pay if my vet refers our pets to a specialist or a veterinary teaching hospital. Having learned the hard way, through paying for major orthopedic surgery on one of my pups, using a specialist at a teaching hospital BEFORE I ever had insurance, I can say that even if PetPlan only covers 70% of such surgeries, that's still a substantial savings.
Though your mileage may vary.

Posted: 01/26/2009

Would this include taking my pet to the emergency hospital? I didn't see it on the website either. If someone sees it could you post the URL here for me? Thank You!

Posted: 02/09/2009

It is on the website. I just saw it.

Posted: 02/10/2009

yes it is there...you need to READ.

Posted: 02/13/2009

Right here:http://www.gopetplan.com/Dog-Insurance-Policies/Compare-Pet-Policies.html

Under the Coinsurance link.

I found it, no problem, just during casual reading of the site. Of course, if you're so sloppy as to take the word of a front page without checking further, well...

Posted: 02/28/2009

The original poster has a point. I looked all over the site & I don't see where it says specialists are 30%. I even pasted in the link listed here & I sure son't see it.
PS.. no need for natsy comments like the first one listed (Kim). People here are coming for advice.. not to be put down. Sad.

Posted: 03/19/2009

When I signed up, it was listed only if a person clicked on a hyperlink and a popup box was displayed. There was no reason to click on the hyperlink, so it was not well disclosed. I still think it is the best plan available, not sure why they choose to not disclose this major aspect.
My understanding is it applies to emergency care, animal school care, specialists and so on. Things which require referrals.

Posted: 03/24/2009

I just signed up with this plan. The people I spoke with were very clear about the 3 exceptions for the 70% coverage. It is if you go to a teaching hospital/school, specialists and if you go to after hours for a non-life threatening situation.

Posted: 03/28/2009

I just put up a review discussing this same issue. I have to agree, it was really rather hidden, under the definition of coinsurance. Who would need to click on that, doesn't everyone know what coinsurance is? Take a look at my review, you will see that I was told by the company that they were removing that provision although I haven't seen it done yet. My dog's policy is up for renewal in May and I will be discussing it with them.

Posted: 04/24/2009

I called PetPlan today about this. They said they are trying to change from 30% to 20% co-insurance for specialty vets this year. I just purchased a policy; they said this new 20% would apply to current policy holders too when it passes. I didn't see this either until I read the fine print in the policy.

Posted: 06/12/2009

When I purchased the policy in 12/09 I saw it without a problem!

Posted: 02/11/2010

I had to search to find this. It is a bit annoying because these are the cases where you are going to spend > money. The scary vet expenses I have had (cancer with two dogs as well as a poisoning) were all referred to a teaching hospital. In areas with a teaching hospital, you are likely to be referred for the big stuff. Also there are > and > specialists. Would you only go to your GP for everything? It is fine if they want to do this, but wish it was more clear on the website. Definitely makes me not want to pay more to reduce the co-pay, because for big bills the co-pay is going to be 30% anyway (because likely going to be at the teaching hospital or specialist).

Posted: 11/03/2009

Thanks for all the great comments. I learned a lot here