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I have had Petfirst for 2 years. Unfortunately, my cat got diagnosed with diabetes the first year of coverage, so I could not change insurance providers for him. I was assured that he was covered. Petfirst was great about paying my claims...until I really needed them. The fine print, about not covering long-term or chronic illnesses came back to haunt me. This November, I rushed him to the vet. He was diagnosed with ketoacidosis and liver failure. He fought a long fit, but he passed away the same week. I spent over $2000 in an attempt to save his life. I submitted my claim for the bills, and everything was denied. They said that I had reached my limit...that it was all diabetes and it would not be covered. To them it was all diabetes. To the vet and myself it was ketones and organ failure. In denying my claim, all the pain and grief have been brought back. I will now carry this grief along with this debt. So to others be wary. If I could do over again, I would never have gone with a company that has policies like this.

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Posted: 05/23/2009

You do know that ketones is a complication of diabetes right? Sorry about your animal yet trashing a company that was honest in there approach is not the way. Here is a link that will clear up your misconception.