I have been with VPI for years and recommend them!

Out of 10

My beagle is 15 years old and I have been with VPI since he was approximately 2-3 years old, and since adopting my other dogs they also have been with VPI since day 1. VPI has great customer service and a fast turn-over with payments. I also like the changes they have made to make things easier on the customer, such as being able to fax in the claim forms for a fast process, it's things like this that they work to improve on for the customer's benefit shows that they are doing what they can to help their customers out. The only thing I have that I would change is there being some kind of automatic payment, such as an insurance card. Last year when one of my dogs became very sick and we had to see 2 specialists in 1 weekend it costs us over $4500 and even though we have insurance it was hard to come up with that money right away, there are no payment plans with specialists. Even though we have insurance, if you don't have those kinds of funds available during an emergency then in a way insurance is not going to help after the fact. Other then this they are great and I highly recommend them. I'm so happy with them that every year I send them a Christmas card of my family and every year they send me a card back. They have been part of me keeping my family healthy for many years now and we plan on continuing to be loyal customers with VPI.

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