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In 2007 I lost my friend my companion my only source of company. MY GOLDEN RETRIEVER "KACIE" she was about
seven years old when she started having episodes shaking and other very freighting things. Having not very much money I could not afford to get the testing done which could have made her be with me longer. She lived another three years and about six months before I lost her she had a stroke and the side of my baby's head sunk in. June 12th of 2007 I carried my beloved friend into the vet and left without her. To this day the mere thought of her I am choked up I loved my baby and she loved me. Christmas 2009 my daughter bought me the KYAH another golden she can not replace my KACIE but she in her own way has all my love. I was not going to loose another companion when there are other options, which brings me to ASPCA pet health insurance for the very low cost of the premium I know that if there should ever be a time when I have an option to save my baby I feel that ASPCA can come to the rescue. I have health Insurance on my family now I have insurance on another very important part of my life. My KYAH!

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