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I have a 11 month old Bullmastiff, named Bocce. Bocce is very inquisitive and has a way of getting into all sorts of trouble. I had been trying to leave Bocce uncrated for very short periods of time when I left the house. He seemed to be doing very well UNTIL one day that I left him for two hours. I removed all of the potential hazards (or so I thought) from the room, but when I returned home I found my living room covered with pillow stuffing. He had demolished 3 of the 4 throw pillows in the room. I hadn’t realized that he ate the stuffing until he started to vomit later on that evening. I took him to the vet, and they advised me to have a series of xrays taken to determine if he had an intestinal obstruction. I knew that this would be costly, and that the pet insurance would most likely not cover the xrays, because this was not an illness. I chose to have them take the xrays regardless. There was no obstruction found, only a belly full of stuffing. We had to play the waiting game to see if an obstruction would occur, and surgery would have to be performed, or if he would pass the stuffing without a problem. Thank God, he did not get an obstruction. I submitted a claim as a formality, and sure enough ASPCA Pet Health covered the occurrence. This was a blessing to me, and truly any time I have filed a claim or had to deal with ASPCA staff, it was a breeze. The staff there are very concerned and caring. Getting this coverage was one of the best doggie decision

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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