Petplan........all that they claim to be.

Out of 10

Bucky, my nine month old Boston Terrier shredded one of his toy's and swallowed it. He soon began to vomit and have issue's pertaining to the other end. Of course we couldn't get him into the vet, so we had to get him to an emergency clinic. Anyone who has ever been to one know's it cost's a fortune to walk in the door. To shorten this up, Bucky did not require surgery, but racked up a healthy bill. We submitted the form's asked for, and thought we might get a reply in a few week's. Petplan has a wonderful site where you can track the progress of your claim, and I checked on claim status 3-4 day's later, the claim was closed, check had been sent! If you are reading this as research, let me save you time. I spent hour's researching plan's, and am so pleased with Petplan. Look no further, I'm sure you will be pleased with their pricing and service!

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swallowed foreign object
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Boston Terrier

Age of Pet
Under a year

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