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Several of the negative reviews on VPI reflect my own experience with this company. I agree that they certainly seem intent on not paying anything. Now I do understand that this is an insurance company standard, but when the claim is valid they are supposed to pay. I had a similar situation to one of the other reviewers who submitted a claim that was denied due to the fact that it was "pre-existing" when it wasn't. When I called to find out how to challenge that decision, I was given the information, but a few days later they sent a letter to my door saying they were cancelling my dog's insurance. I should add that they added an exclusion to her original policy for something that she hadn't had. To get the exclusion removed, I had to wait 6 months and then send in a request along with a claim. In other words, to get an exclusion removed for a condition she hadn't had, I had to have a claim to submit after a 6-month wait! I am somewhat relieved to find that others have had an almost identical experience. Even if they reversed their decision to terminate, I would not use this company. I have lost faith in them completely. They have yet to pay ANY claims that I have submitted and I have no faith that they would pay any legitimate claims submitted by me in the future.

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