Class action lawsuit bound to happen

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they do not want to pay anything! they will always say its preexisting even though they are not doctors and we cant diagnose it ourselves. they need to be sued!! better business bureau has to investigate them... horrible company. i've paid 4 going into 5 years of this insurance. one claim 3500usd and they denied it. and no doctor will ever diagnose surgery as the first choice for most internal situations so here is where they get out of paying for it. doctors give u medicines and then u cant claim those and then when they eventually ask to have surgery done they tell u they wont cover that because its preexisting. dont you think if i knew it was preexisting it wouldnt be existing because i would have taken care of it at that moment. VPI take ur policy and shove it deep I hope you get a class action lawsuit when u screw the wrong person and for the once still with VPI i suggest getting another pet insurance because your the next one thats going to get screwed on the list. I'm fair and nice person. I would not say things that arent true. I love my dog and got insurance so that she could be protected and now I have to pay the full 3500usd.. and also 5 years of this BS insurance that never pays... at least my dog is fine now after suffering and peeing blood and pus for 4 years... you would think that they have the decency to pay their part... VPI you heartless B...

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