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My 7 year old Labrador was diagnosed with cancer 4 weeks ago. One week after the diagnosis, my dog was scheduled for surgery. On the morning of his scheduled surgery, the poor dog was in such bad shape, the vet was reluctant to perform the operation. She doubted the dog would survive the surgery. She said that treatment would cost over $4000, and was concerned about running up a huge bill in the face of very poor odds for survival. Since I had insurance, we decided to give surgery a try, and hope for the best. Four weeks after surgery, my dog is making a remarkable recovery. The vet is even surprised at how well he is doing. All the follow-up test are quite promissing. I believe Petsecure insurance saved my dog. Without insurance, I doubt we would have proceeded with the costly treatment. I received my insurance check today, less that 2 weeks after making a huge claim. I was paid every penny that I was due, under my plan's conditions. I am quite impressed, and relieved that I had Petsecure insurance.

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