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After having the AKC Pet Healthcare Plan for over two years I recently switched my four Bulldogs to Embrace. The difference in the level of customer service is profound. One month after enrolling with Embrace I took my girls in for their Wellness check and Orthopedic Waiver exam (which was optional but recommended to waive the six month waiting period) and my vet found a mammary tumor on one of them. She had surgery that very day (a Saturday) and spent the night in the hospital. I submitted all my claims on Monday and the money was direct deposited into my account that Friday, less my $200 annual deductible and 10% co-pay for the surgery. I am still in shock! The Embrace reps provided me with status EVERY step of the way. I was used to submitting claims to my old plan and then calling a couple of weeks later only to be told that they hadn't received them, or if they had then they had not been processed yet. Then, once they were processed 90% of the time they were denied because they considered it a genetic condition. I started doing research on other options for Pet Insurance and learned that AKC Pet Healthcare Plan was one of the WORST rated companies out there. I chose Embrace because:1) They cover genetic disorders (unless pre-existing).
2) Their customer service ratings are superior.
3) The level of person service I received when I inquired about their plans.
4) The ability to customize your coverage and get an optional Wellness Plan which includes flea/tick and heartworm prevention products (which are covered even if you buy on the internet, teeth cleaning, vaccinations, etc.
5) They offer discounts for multiple pets, spayed/neutered pets, micro-chipped pets, plus they honor coupons you find on the internet for an additional 5% off.

As a breeder/exhibitor of Bulldogs (who as most people know are prone to genetic disorders) I have begun recommending Embrace to everyone who has every purchased a pup of mine and to my dog show friends. I have been blessed with very healthy Bulldogs so my girls don't have anything they consider pre-existing but it brings me so much comfort knowing that they will be covered if something should come up.

I highly recommend Embrace. I'm just sorry I spent so much money on coverage with the AKC Pet Healthcare Plan (who doesn't over any discounts - not even multi-pet) before I realized I was wasting my money. It pays to research pet insurance companies before you buy. I just automatically signed up with AKC Pet Healthcare because the offer came with the pup registration and I figured if it had the AKC seal of approval it must be good. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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