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I read the comment regarding covered insurance situations or not with VPI. I would not be upset with VPI. I think that people that go to breeders that cross breed and create their own breeds, this doodle and that diddy, should not be considered top breeders. All top breeders breed have show quality dogs and companion ones from the same litters and are only one breed not a grab bag. They have many years experience not contaminating breeds, but preserving them not mixing anything to make a buck. You can count on your dog having pre-existing medical conditions resulting from the cross breeding and you will get all the different dogs combined health issues. Generally breeders that have multiple breeds are not great and are potential puppy mills which sell very sick animals. That is common knowledge and I am sure that is standard.

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Posted: 12/10/2009

Hiro is a rude and ignorant individual who obviously has some type of agenda against crossbreeds/crossbreeders. FYI Hiro, thanks to some of those crossbreeds people who could previously not own pets because of asthma and allergies now can. In particular the Goldendoodle crossbreed has been especially helpful to those with disabilities who require an assistance dog, but also have allergies. I would say the people who have been blessed by these wonderful, intelligent, highly trainable and usually low allergen dogs would disagree with every word you said. There are countless AKC breeders who have defiled and polluted bloodlines from every breed out there. Your reasoning for singling out crossbreeders is obviously backed by an agenda. Shame on you for your out of place comments, and get a life.