Maremma Sheepdog Cross

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Before deciding to adopt a dog the biggest question on our mind was "What if something happens and we can't afford the vet bill?" What if? That's an easy answer, if we had children we would have medical insurance, we have a dog so why wouldn't we get vetinsurance? We researched all the companies that offered this service & that were recognized by our Vet and have not been dissapointed in our choice. Although we are hoping that "Kira" will out live us, she will probably live till 12 years of age. The approximate $5000.00 that we will have spent on insurance, during her lifetime, is priceless. Be prepared! Kira will 6 years old on March 24th, 2010. People look at me like I'm crazy when i tell them I have insurance for my dog & I look at people crazy when I see their child riding a bike without a helment. I follow the simple rules set forth by vetinsurance and I have no guilt about the way I am raising my dog. I never want to use my vet insurance, but it's there if I have to, hence the word "Insurance". Kira began limping shortly after a swim in cold water last year & it progressivly got worse. She was taken in for xrays at a cost of $304.50. We were reimbersed $274.05. The Vet found nothing wrong. Kira had good day's & bad day's until now. Kira had her usual play dates & being the care giver that she is, tried to get down to their level when looking them in the eye and couldn't get up. It turns out that Kira may need surgery to her knee. We'll see what next week brings. I know that my insurance company is behind me. Thank you for being there. I will send a picture through outlook if I can. Subject: Kira I will send a picture of Kira. To Follow

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