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I considered Pets Best because I adopted an 8 year old cat and they seemed to be one of the best insurance companies for an older cat. My cat is now 11 and has developed a few age related issues. I have been able to do everything my vet has suggested regarding diagnoses, treatment and follow up with out a concern because of the consistancy, timeliness, and efficiency of Pets Best. I know what is covered, I know they will pay 80% and I know it will be processed quickly. No quess work. The final selling point for me came last week. My cat had several vet visits in a very short period of time and I got a bit overwhelmed and did not submit my claim forms as I usually do. Just before the 6 month time limit, I submited all of the paper work for these several claims worried that there might be some problems because they were so old, but all were processed with no problems in the same consistent manner as those claims that were submited immediately. I would definately recommend Pets Best and I would continue to use Pets Best for any future pets I may have. The clarity of the policy, the consistancy of the responses, and the ease of submitting a claim give great peace of mind in knowing the money isn't the driver in making pet health care decisions.

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