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I can't thank Pet Plan USA enough for all they did for us and our 10 month old Siberian Husky, "Destiny". PetPlan raised the bar for all Pet Insurance companies with thier comprehensive Policy protection, Customer Service, and Claim Service. No outdated benefit fee schedules, no red tape policy service, no hassle or delayed claim service. Pet Plan has the most comprehensive coverage available. The the price was more affordable than some Pet Insures with less coverage! I did my homework, shopped around, read internet reviews. Finally, I made
the decision to switch from a previous Pet Insurance Company that I was unhappy with, to Petplan.
It was the best thing I could have done. Pet Plan deserves a new slogan "PET PLAN PAYS!". Destiny became suddenly, unexpectedly and critically ill with pneumonia, and required immediate critical intensive care to survive.
Pet Plan didn't flinch. They kept their promises under the terms of the policy. No excuses. No delays.
Just a prompt and very fair payment. It is a very emotional and devastating experience enough to go through such a medical ordeal with your beloved pet, not knowing if they will even survive. And to obtain the quality care that is needed to save their life can be financially catastrophic. Petplan gives you piece of mind and takes away the financial burden so that you can give
your pets the quality medical care they need. Destiny pulled through, and so did Petplan. We thank God
every day we switched to Petplan and for helping Destiny to recover. Do yourself, your family, and your
pet justice--either switch to Petplan or get Petplan as soon as you acquire a new pet. Don't gamble with another
pet insurer, or go without pet insurance. Believe me when I say, no other Pet Insurance Company even comes
close to Petplan's comprehensive policy coverage, customer, and claim service. Your pet's health and your
financial future depend on it. Get true pet medical insurance coverage. Get Petplan!

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