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i had 2 shih tzus who died 3 weeks apart at the ages of 12 and 12.5. they were both very ill and the cost and outcome were very bad. during the interum my husband convinced me to get another puppy to play with the remaining dog. at first they skirted each other and we were looking forward to seeing them become real pals. i watched as my dog went out in the snow-not part of my baby's routine and saw blood all over the snow. she died 5 days later. i never wanted to experience the lack of money as a reason to put the first dog to sleep. the second no money would have saved her. on a vet visit to get shots,we took our new baby to the vet immediatly and while thre we overheard a patient's owner talking about the petplan. i looked online and found the different plans. expensive, yes. what stopped me from buying that day was that my puppy was not yet 8 weeks old. so i put it off. then i finally got around to buying $50/10% copay. exactly 15 days later my puppy became extremely ill.we had taken him on a walk and he got what we thought was dirt on his paws. it turned out that the entire walkway was full of fertilyzer. well it was worse that even the vet thought. he suggestd a blood test and we found out that he has a deadly desease that could have killed him by the time he reached 2. his medical bills have come close to $4000.00. i could never have paid that on my own. as it turns out my baby has a life-long illness(phosphorous-kidney desease)and petplan will pay for it as long as i

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